This Week in True Detective: Looking Ahead Edition


This Week in True Detective is a feature that aims to bring you the best True Detective happenings of the week. This could include breaking news, popular articles, or anything else that people found interesting or may have missed.

This edition of This Week in True Detective has something of a bittersweet tone to it. Now that season two has ended, it’s kind of a bummer to not be looking forward to a new episode every week. But we can always look forward, and this week we got our first rumor for True Detective’s third season casting. We also spent some time going over that interesting finale, so let’s get to it.

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Nic Pizzolatto, secretive creator of True Detective went out of his comfort zone a bit and did a short little interview session with fans at HBO Connect. It’s an interesting read, and it also gives us the answer to why True Detective’s second season opener had a few permutations. And of course there’s the finale itself, which we ended up liking in general, warts and all. The fate of a certain character was also foretold a few episodes back, for those with good memories.

We also examined our most result poll results which showed that most fans did find season two to be too confusing. It wasn’t by a large margin, but it still gels with how True Detective has been portrayed in the media. The finale itself had a small surge in the ratings, which many media outlets are choosing to phrase negatively — “finale ratings down from last year,” for example. The ratings for season two are actually still better than season one overall, so keep that in mind.

The big news this week is that Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries is apparently pushing her people to get her first in line for season three. We’ll be hearing many more rumors like this one shortly. To keep us busy until that time comes, we took a look at True Detective’s Emmy chances for 2016 and dug into the True Detective soundtrack.

And that’s your True Detective week. Although there is no new episode this coming Sunday, we’ll still be around to chat on Twitter and Facebook. Anyone up for a marathon?

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