This Week in True Detective: Cary Fukunaga Special Edition


This Week in True Detective is a feature that aims to bring you the best True Detective happenings of the week. This could include breaking news, popular articles, or anything else that people found interesting or may have missed.

Somewhere, deep within the dark corridors of the HBO fortress, somebody is talking about True Detective. Well, maybe not at this very moment since it’s a holiday weekend, but you get the idea. The idea for True Detective season three is gesticulating, and it’s likely that many on the inside already know how it’s going to turn out. Since we’re not privy to such information, we have to work with what we have.

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This past week was a little heavy on Cary Fukunaga news, so that’s where we’ll start. First up, in an interview with Variety, Fukunaga talked about his non-involvenet in True Detective season two. Apparently as Executive Producer he was on reserve, so to speak. He just wasn’t needed. We also learned that he left his dream project, a remake of Stephen King’s IT, due to studio meddling. King adaptations are hugely hit or miss, and this one could have been a hit. Hopefully the new director will be able to handle it.

Speaking of season two, our most recent poll showed us that most fans were satisfied with the conclusion. The final episode of season two, “Omega Station,” was one of the strongest of the season, so it makes sense that most fans enjoyed it. We also looked at Ray Velcoro, possibly the actual the main character of season two.

Timothy V. Murphy, Osip in True Detective season two, was interviewed at Den of Geek. Unfortunately he had no more to say about season three moving to Europe, a rumor that originated with him. Still, it was a fun, interesting interview that goes beyond his work in True Detective. Finally, another blogger came out to support season two. Maybe the time of hating on season two is actually over.

As per usual, we can reached on Facebook or Twitter if you want to chat True Detective over the weekend or want to show off some fan art. For many, today is the first day of a three-day weekend. Make sure to watch some True Detective!

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