True Detective Season Three: The Dream List Returns with Three Actors


It’s very early days for True Detective season three. HBO hasn’t even officially renewed it yet, and we’re likely looking at a premiere of next summer at the very earliest. Just because we don’t know all that much, however, doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun with it. In fact, now is possibly the best time to begin wild speculation. Who doesn’t love that?

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That’s why it’s time to reintroduce our Dream Cast series. Who will be the best fit for True Detective season three? It’s pretty much entirely up in the air at this point. Season two did re-use a single actor from season one, so we’re going to assume that will be the same case with season three. This will be the first part in an ongoing series, so don’t despair if you’re favorite actors don’t show up just yet.

And with that, let’s take a look at five picks for True Detective season three.

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1. Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner isn’t exactly what we’d call an obvious pick. But we wouldn’t say that about Vince Vaughn or Matthew McConaughey either, so there you go. Renner has made a name for himself as an action star and is a part of the star-packed Marvel universe as Hawkeye. There’s nothing particularly True Detective-y about Marvel, except for the fact that Rachel McAdams will be joining shortly.

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Still, Jeremy Renner has a presence as Hawkeye that could work well in True DetectiveTrue Detective wouldn’t be a huge stretch for Renner, even though it presumably wouldn’t be as action-packed as his usual roles. If True Detective season three will take place in Europe, however, all bets are off. We can see it now: Renner as an American living in a foreign country, with all of the action focused on him.

We’re not so crazy about that one.2. David Thewlis

David Thewlis is, for the most part, an independent actor. Outside of his stint as Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter film series, not many American movie goers may be familiar with him. David Thewlis is closer to a very specific view of True Detective, one that holds closer to the noir found in season one. We would love to see him in a small role in True Detective season three, perhaps as a “rat” or someone working outside the case.

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Thewlis would work well whether True Detective is set abroad or not; he just may not have the recognition required to carry the season as a main character. HBO and True Detective put a great deal of stock in their lead cast, and Thewlis doesn’t exactly make the cut.

And here he is in a super-short cameo in The Big Lebowski:

3. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt has some serious star-power. It also helps that she’s a fantastic actress that has proven that she can easily go toe-to-toe with her male counterparts. Her career has been all over the place in terms of the types of films she’s been in, but that’s part of what makes her a great candidate for True Detective. Rachel McAdams successfully proved that a female actor could do awesome things in True Detective, and that should not be wasted.

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Emily Blunt has what it takes to play a lead role in True Detective season three, regardless of the location. Her new film, Sicario, once again proves that she has the necessary dramatic weight to pull it off and can also put on a mean American accent.

Those are our first three actor picks for True Detective season three. There are many more on the way, but let us know if any of the above tickle your fancy.

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