Check Out Matthew McConaughey in The First Still From Gold (Pic)


Remember Matthew McConaughey? Major Hollywood star? You know, Rust Cohle. Anyway, McConaughey has been almost constantly busy since the first season of True Detective ended. His career has taken a 180, and now he seems to appear exclusive in moody drama films. Not that we have an issue with that.

Entertainment Weekly has obtained the first sneak peek from the 2016 film, and it shows aside of McConaughey that we aren’t quite accustomed to seeing. We don’t want to say “ugly side,” but you can judge for yourself.

In this photo he actually doesn’t look all that different from season one’s Yellow King. Gold stars Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez as a businessman and a geologist, respectfully, that go after a major gold mine in Indonesia. From the looks of it, McConaughey’s character has seen better days. Another film that McConaughey has coming is Sea of Trees, the one that was booed at Cannes.

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Sea of Trees hasn’t seen a wide release yet, and Gold is still filming so it doesn’t have a more concrete date outside of 2016. Gold is directed by Stephen Gaghan, who was a writer on Syriana and Traffic. Hopefully when all is said and done the reception will be better than the aforementioned Sea of Trees. Matthew McConaughey was almost a Marvel hero or villain, a path that Rachel McAdams will be treading in Doctor Strange.

In other True Detective actor news, Colin Farrell’s The Lobster looks to be something special and entirely different from the sorts of projects that McConaugehy has shown an interest in post-True Detective.

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