Ben Affleck Jokes About True Detective at Cary Fukunaga Event


In case you’ve been living under a rock since, True Detective season two was not very well liked outside of the fanbase. Even on the inside, there were plenty out there that didn’t take to season two’s writing and juggling of characters. The director of the first season, Cary Fukunaga, has gone on record saying that he hasn’t seen season two and doesn’t really have any interest in changing that.

According to Page Six, at an event for Cary Fukunaga’s new movie, Beasts of no Nation, Ben Afleck took the time to both compliment Fukunaga and make sure that everyone was still on the same page about season two:

"“He did ‘True Detective’ Season 1, and so anyone who saw ‘True Detective’ Season 2 knows how talented Cary is.”"

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He also added that the joke was not sanctioned. Frankly, it feels more like a compliment to Cary Fukuaga that a serious burn at True Detective. It’s certainly good enough to get a chuckle. On the opposite end of the spectrum sits Fargo, a show that most are in agreement is fantastic. In a recent interview with the showrunner Noah Hawley, he talked about what a shame it was that so many people “turned” on True Detective.

This is not the first celebrity True Detective burn we’ve seen, but it is one of the more mild-mannered ones. The second season of True Detective releases on Blu-ray and DVD in January, and will hopefully spur critics and fans into giving it a second look.

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