True Detective Snubbed by American Society of Cinematographers


Depending on how you look at it, award season either isn’t here yet or is still going on. Either way, the news for True Detective isn’t great. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the second season of True Detective is probably going to have to fight tooth and nail for any sort of award recognition. It’s difficult to come back from being the main joke at the Emmy’s.

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The American Society of Cinematographers has nominated ten television shows, and True Detective didn’t make the cut. Considering the shows like Gotham, 12 Monkeys, and Marco Polo did points to the possibility of something else going on besides a snub. Nothing against 12 Monkeys or Marco Polo.

It’s possible that True Detective season two just wasn’t eligible because it aired over the summer.

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It’s for that very same reason that it couldn’t take on the Emmy’s. True Detective season two did perhaps lack in the cinematography department here and there, potentially due to the different directors. Still, it did have plenty of moments that would be award worthy in this particular category.

Speaking of production changes, HBO supposedly gave Nic Pizzolatto a few options to go forward with season three. If true, it speaks to HBO’s worry that season three could end up like season two.

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True Detective season two actually did have moments that could be considered award worthy in other categories as well, but it’s going to have to overcome the large amount of criticism, and, let’s just say it, bias, to prove it. The American Society of Cinematographers will announce the winners on February 14th.