Could Idris Elba Actually be in True Detective?


Idris Elba joked about being in True Detective, but could it actually happen?

The future for True Detective season three is currently wide open. We don’t know anything, and there are currently no fun rumors going around. Anything could happen. Jon Hamm made it known that he won’t be in season three, but besides that there haven’t really been any casting rumors for season three yet. Unless you count something that Idris Elba recently said.

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We’ve already written about that time Idris Elba didn’t totally shut down an interviewer when asked if he’d appear in a future season of True Detective. It didn’t really seem like much at the time, but since then the Jon Hamm rumor came and went and we published twelve of our personal picks for season three. Idris Elba wasn’t on that particular list, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be more than happy to see him in True Detective.

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What’s so interesting about the Idris Elba possibility is the way that he left it in that aforementioned interview. He played coy, which could realistically mean a couple of things. It could mean that it’s something he has actually considered or been approached for already, or it could mean that he was just playing along with the interviewer. It’s the lack of a definitive, or even a strong hint in either direction that is compelling.

There’s actually no strong reason that Idris Elba couldn’t actually be in True Detective, especially if they don’t plan on airing until late 2016 or early 2017. It would just take interest from both parties to make it happen. Idris Elba currently has a close relationship with former True Detective director Cary Fukunaga and it’s not clear if that could have any potential impact either way.

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But, seriously, how awesome would it be to have Idris Elba in True Detective? This is not a rhetorical question