ImprovBoston is Putting on a True Detective Parody


True Detective is getting the parody it deserves from an improv group in Boston.

It’s unfortunately not too often that we get to actually write about something good having to do with True Detective. Yes, there was that bombshell about season two’s lone supporter, but that isn’t how it usually goes. It turns out that True Detective season three will be happening very soon, but not in the format we would expect.

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Thanks to the fine folks at ImprovBoston, True Detective is getting its very own parody performance.  Titled True Defective: Season Three (see?) ImprovBoston is gearing up to give the series a strong ribbing. The performance will run from January 2nd to the 16th and will follow two detectives as they “attempt to reconstruct the past” and “repair their broken lives.” That sounds pretty True Detective, doesn’t it?

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There isn’t anymore information to go on beside that, but interest parties won’t have to risk much to find out what it’s all about for themselves — tickets are only $12. The headline over at the announcement page states that this is a return for the show, so perhaps they did something similar for season two.

Season two of True Detective has gotten some good parodies, but this will likely be something else entirely. An entire performance of a True Detective parody? Yes, please. Notably the show only has two detectives, perhaps going off of common season two complaints that having four storylines didn’t really pan out.

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If there are any True Detective fans out there in the Boston area that intend on checking this out, please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.