Will Season Three of True Detective Have Strong Ratings?


Compared to the last two seasons, what will happen to True Detective’s ratings in season three?

True Detective season two wasn’t able to make it into the top ten of the best ratings of 2015, but that wasn’t a surprise. Even though it felt like it was dominating Monday conversations after airings, that didn’t translate to high viewership. When it comes to season three, there are some past patterns that can be analyzed to try to see how things will go.

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Season two started out strong, but the ratings started to fall after the first episode. This is a common trend between seasons and should be doubly expected for an anthology series like True Detective that has no ties to prior seasons. Taking into account the renewed interest in season two, that doesn’t necessarily paint a good picture for season three.

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Then again, True Detective season three won’t be here for some time. When it finally does return, those that are still bitterly holding onto season two (for all the wrong reasons,) will likely return to watch what Pizzolatto does next. There is certainly an element of hate watching to that, but in the end it doesn’t matter.

Hate watchers will either continue watching, contributing to the ratings, or will just stop. Neither one is particularly important to the state of True Detective, and it’s actually impossible to know what the state of True Detective will until it airs.

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Regardless of how it goes, True Detective is still poised to be a ratings winner for HBO, even if it can’t keep up with more popular shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. It has enough notoriety at this point to ensure that, no matter what happens.