Nic Pizzolatto Will Probably Hire More Writers


Don’t be surprised to see more writer credits for True Detective season three.

It’s been a little over a month since HBO supposedly presented Nic Pizzolatto with three possible options for moving forward with season three. Considering the nature of both True Detective and Nic Pizzolatto, the fact that we haven’t heard any more about it is fully expected. But even without getting the official word, we’re fairly confident what the outcome will be.

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Nic Pizzolatto will hire more writers to work on True Detective’s third season. It’s doubtful that this is a course of action that he would willingly take, but it is the right one. The public’s and HBO’s faith in him as a writer — not to mention his producer’s — has wavered. Part of rebooting True Detective for season three means changes, and this is the most logical one.

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More than one episode of season two had a co-writer, and that’s a trend that will continue. Frankly, it would be surprising if it didn’t. Presenting True Detective season three to the public as practically the same product as season two isn’t something that HBO wants. It’s certainly not something the public currently wants.

A normal, functioning writer’s room will probably be one of the changes that True Detective brings for season three. It’s mostly conjecture, sure, but it is the move that makes the most sense. If it is what comes to pass, don’t expect HBO to shout it from the rooftops.

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In fact, we might not even know until the credits on season three start rolling. Because that’s just how True Detective tends to role.