Another True Detective Supporter Appears

Amazingly, True Detective season two has found another supporter.

These are crazy times we live in. True Detective went from being the talk of the town to one of the most hated series in recent memory. It would be a tad foolish to say that season two of True Detective has deserved all of the negative attention. It’s unknown how long the renewed interest will last, but it hasn’t been all bad. Spoiler alert: most of it has been very bad.

First we had Machinima come to True Detective’s defense, effectively calling its detractors “bandwagon idiots.” There is something perversely satisfying in having someone else say it, even if season two did have its fair share of problems. Now, fortunately, Machinima is joined by another. A small blog called bare bones e-zine has taken up the fight.

The good people at bare bones call out Quentin Tarantino for his uneducated comments and come to the season’s defense. They also echo Machinma’s sentiments in a swift closing sentence that’s too good to not share:

“Ratings for season two were high, but media criticism was so fierce and vociferous that it almost felt like viewers were following their lead rather than their own instincts, often only echoing what they read in reviews.”

That has very much been the theme of True Detective criticism. Ratings for season two were indeed high, though it couldn’t touch more mainstream fair such as The Walking Dead. In case you’re wondering who these blogging upstarts are, bare bones is the passion project of experienced writers and critics who have been at it for over ten years.

It’s much too early to say that the times are chasing for True Detective, but support like this does life the spirits a bit.

Thanks to Gilbert Colon for the tip