American Horror Story casting Joan Collins


That’s right, Joan Collins will be the newest American Horror Story cast member!

Ryan Murphy revealed this new casting info in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter yesterday morning, and we think this British grand dame of sass will be an excellent addition to the show.

Collins appeared in numerous tongue in cheek B movies in the 70’s, ruled the screen on Dynasty in the 80’s and most recently stole the show on The Royals, as the royal matriarch, the Grand Duchess Alexandra of Oxford.

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American Horror Story loves to cast silver screen powerhouses that command attention just with their presence. Collins is a natural addition to the likes of Jessica Lang, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates.

Arguably the strongest AHS seasons have been the seasons in which Jessica Lang appeared. We will be keen to see if Joan Collins can take up the mantle as American Horror Story’s Queen B.

In the same interview, Murphy also said he was interested in Angelica Huston, but no confirmation yet on whether she will be on board.

We can imagine so much star power being an explosive combination and a well-needed boost to the long-running series.

Now the question is will season 8, rumored to be called “Radioactive,” follow suit with Joan Collin’s B-movie past, or will it be a serious look at our post-apocalyptic, post-Trump Election season future?

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It’s often hard to tell when funny moments on the show are intentional. Only time will tell what will come to pass in 2032!

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