Young Justice: DC releases season three trailer for revived series


Five years after airing its last episode, the hit animated series Young Justice is returning for a third season. Check out the trailer!

While news of a show being revived is often met with mixed reception, the return of one beloved superhero series has everyone cheering. Following two critically acclaimed seasons as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block, Young Justice was canceled in 2013. Now, the animated series is being brought back to life.

DC decided to revive the series for its new streaming platform, DC Universe, which will be launching its first show, the controversially edgy and dark Titans, later this year. The decidedly lighter Young Justice is set to return in 2019, though it will not shy away from tragedy either.

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DC released a trailer for the new season at Young Justice’s San Diego Comic Con panel, which recapped the end of season two and set up the new season’s storyline.

Fans will remember that Wally West, aka Kid Flash, (Jason Spisak) sacrificed himself in order to help restore Earth’s magnetic field and save the planet from a slew of natural disasters. However, the series’ revival now raises the question of whether Wally is really gone for good.

Wally doesn’t appear in the season three part of the trailer, so fans will have to wait and tune in to see if Wally somehow survived. The trailer does make clear, though, his teammates think he’s dead and are still mourning his loss, especially his girlfriend Artemis, aka Tigress (Stephanie Lemelin).

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Nightwing (Jesse McCartney) recruits Tigress, Superboy (Nolan North) and Aqualad (Khary Payton) for one last mission to take down a metahuman trafficking ring based in Markovia.

The trailer introduces a new character Brion Markov (Troy Baker), the prince of Markovia whose sister has been captured by the traffickers. Brion is shocked to learn that he has the metahuman gene and his sister likely also does. He sets out to save not only his sister but also his country.

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