Good Omens trailer: Neil Gaiman gives New Year’s Eve update on upcoming adaptation


Fans of Neil Gaiman got a nice New Year’s Eve gift from the author as he gave updates on the Good Omens TV show as well as an update on his future work.

Gaiman started out his blog post by explaining that he hasn’t written much over the year because he has been working so hard on Good Omens.

He is the official showrunner for the adaptation and Douglas Mackinnon (Sherlock) is the director.

Neil Gaiman updates Good Omens progress

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As such, Gaiman has lots of new info about the upcoming series for fans. There will be six episodes and Gaiman said that he worked hand-in-hand with Mackinnon in cutting and trimming the story and he is very happy about how it all turned out.

After that, it was time for ADR work, music added by David Arnold (Casino Royale) and work on special effects.

Here, Gaiman teased the “M25 London orbital motorway turning into a flaming ring around London” and “the huge floating head of Derek Jacobi filling Aziraphale’s bookshop.”

He also talked about all the voices that will come from the mouth of Miranda Richardson (who plays Madame Tracy).

And — for those who didn’t see it back in October — he reshared the Good Omens trailer.

What is Good Omens about?

For those who have never read the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett book, here is a quick rundown of what Good Omen is about.

Good Omens follows an angel named Aziraphale (Underworld’s Michael Sheen) and a demon named Crowley (Doctor Who’s David Tennant), as the two decide they want to stop the upcoming Apocalypse because they happen to like it on Earth.

Other actors include Jon Hamm, Michael McKean, Nick Offerman and Miranda Richardson.

Gaiman said that there is still a month to go before the post-production on Good Omens is finished, but it is set for a release on Amazon Prime later in 2019.

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Gaiman on his future

With Good Omens coming and the second season of American Gods about to start, Neil Gaiman said that he is “retiring” from work as a full-time television showrunner.

This is actually good news for fans of Gaiman, as he said that in his retirement, he will start writing again, saying that he misses it. Trust a Neil Gaiman fan — the TV shows are nice, but his written work is something that many fans want to see again.