HBO dropped new Game of Thrones teaser before True Detective finale


In addition to HBO’s biggest hit show Game of Thrones, the network also teased many other, much-anticipated shows that will premiere in 2019 before the True Detective season finale.

If you were busy watching the Oscars last night instead of the season finale of HBO’s True Detective, you have a surprise waiting for you when you watch your DVR.

HBO released a teaser trailer for everything they will air during 2019 shortly before the True Detective season finale.

The HBO trailer included a few brief clips of the final season of Game of Thrones – a dragon flying, the unsullied army marching, and Arya Stark looking at something, seemingly in awe.

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What could Arya be looking at?

They make us think it could be dragons because, of course, she has never seen a dragon before. And when we left Daenerys and Jon, they were headed north to Winterfell on a ship. They were keeping themselves… occupied… during their journey.

But maybe Arya was gazing at something — or someone — else.

Could it be her old friend, and possibly future love, Gentry? Maybe it was Petyr Baelish’s head on a spike. Or maybe, she spots her big brother Jon, who she hasn’t seen in years.

I can’t wait until we see the reunion between Jon and Arya. The last time they were on-screen together was Season 1, episode 2, right before Jon left for the Wall. He gave her Needle and she hasn’t been without it ever since.

I’m fully prepared to shed a few tears when they see each other again.

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In addition to Game of Thrones, the teaser highlighted a bunch of HBO shows that Show Snob has previously reported on, like Big Little Lies, Euphoria, Mrs. Fletcher, Barry, Catherine the Great, His Dark Materials, Los Espookys, Succession, and Watchmen among others.

Source: Deadline