Jessica Jones season 3: A behind-the-scenes look at Krysten Ritter’s directorial debut


Krysten Ritter steps behind the camera this season of Jessica Jones.

As Jessica Jones heads into its final season, Netflix has released a new featurette for the series. While fans anxiously await a trailer, the streaming version instead decided to take viewers behind the scenes for Krysten Ritter’s directorial debut.

It was reported about a year ago the star would officially be stepping behind the camera and now we finally get to see what that looks like. Ritter looks like a natural fit throughout the video, teasing how she’s reinventing what female directors wear to work. Who could blame her? A humid New York summer means getting creative with ways to stay cool.

For Jessica Jones fans, the video also gives us a look back at some of the major scenes in the series. Ritter has spent her time learning how to navigate through some impressive stunt work and she’s ready to try her own hand at directing. As many of her co-stars point out, she’s been in their position so there’s an extra element of care throughout the scenes she directs.

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We also get a slight preview about the episode where Krysten Ritter is at the helm. As expected, it will mainly focus on Trish (Rachael Walker) and her story. This makes sense considering it probably would’ve been exhausting to have Ritter be the center of the hour as well as jumping back behind the camera after every cut. Many of series’ stars who direct an episode of their show see a limited amount of time in front of the camera for that time.

Based on the stunt work, Trish is embracing her role as Hellcat on Jessica Jones. She has some heavy training sequences and some street fighting. However, there are also a few moments where it’s just a close-up of Trish walking throughout the day and she doesn’t look very happy. Is the show making her a villain?

Finally, the video closes out with Krysten Ritter reflecting on her time as the titular character. This is the final series in the Netflix/Defenders universe and it will be time for Marvel fans to officially say goodbye to these characters. She praises Jessica saying:

"Jessica is such a great character. It’s so rare that you have character who’s so powerful and so cool. I’ve always been sort of confident in my own skin but I feel like, maybe, I am even more so now because of her."

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Jessica Jones will return to Netflix for its final season on June 14.

Will you be watching season 3? Are you excited for Ritter’s directorial debut? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!