Jessica Jones: Official season 3 trailer reveals Hellcat and new villain


Is Jessica Jones a hero or a fraud?

That seems to be the central debate at the heart of the show’s third and final season. Netflix debuted the official trailer for Jessica Jones today about a week ahead of its release date. It’s packed with quite a few reveals, including who the new villain is and our first official look at Trish’s Hellcat.

Jessica’s latest antagonist goes by Gregory Salinger and he seems to have a personal vendetta against the private eye. Comic book fans will recognize the character as the second incarnation of the villain known as “Foolkiller”. In the comics, he targets people he thinks are mediocre which seems to be in line with this interpretation of the character.

Salinger seems disgusted that Jessica got her powers through an accident and has never put them to good use without also causing destruction. He does have some beef with the Defenders in the comics so it would make sense that he would target the one member in the Netflix universe who has zero interest in being a hero.

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He doesn’t look like he’s getting his original suit in the series, with Jessica mentioning that his most powerful tool is his brain. While it seems like they manage to outsmart him enough to lead to his arrest, Jeri swoops in to once again be the absolute worst. It turns out getting humbled last season isn’t going to stop her from bending her own moral compass to defend a serial killer.

With Malcolm and Jessica very much still on the outs in the trailer, it looks like she’ll be turning to someone else for help. Yes, Hellcat has finally arrived in Jessica Jones! Trish is suiting up in a weird all-black outfit which gives us a lot of Daredevil vibes. She’s become a hero and takes her job very seriously even though Jess judges some of her methods. We also get to see the two hug towards the end of the trailer which makes us hope they will patch up their relationship before the finale.

However, everyone in Jessica’s orbit is certainly in danger. She has a new love interest, played by Benjamin Walker, who is tied up and being tortured at one point. Trish is getting inside of a coffin or box of some kind and we see Jessica punching through dirt which hints that she may be buried alive.

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The trailer leaves off on a perfect Jessica Jones note with Trish asking, “Are you still a hero if nobody thinks you are?” to which Jessica just snarkily replies, “Like I give a sh*t what other people think.” before buckling in. It’s time for the final ride with these two!

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