The Society: New Ham should split up and here’s why


With the warring factions in The Society, it seems inevitable that the kids begin to split up.

Warning: Spoilers for The Society season 1 below! 

It’s no secret that the latest Netflix hit has taken inspiration from the classic novel, Lord of the Flies. Without spoiling too much of the novel, the kids on the island eventually split into two groups: those who want order and those who want chaos. That trend has become more and more obvious throughout The Society. As the clashes begin to escalate, especially now that Campbell is pulling the strings, it would make sense for some of the teens to cut and run.

While New Ham followed Cassandra’s and later Allie’s rules, there were plenty of people who grew frustrated with the idea of sharing or contributing to society. Harry and the other wealthy kids felt like it was beneath them to pick up trash or mop and really didn’t want to share their resources. Now that he’s gotten into a place of power alongside Lexie, the process of undoing all of the order has begun. Harry kicks the kids out of his house and he thinks he’s finally going to get back to the way things are.

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However, what they fail to realize is that the wealthy kids just can’t force others to do the dirty work in town. Kelly (who is part of the upper class) is horrified that Harry is so willing to cater to his own selfish needs. Of course, part of the reason is his drug addiction and fear of Campbell. But it’s clear that plenty of people in New Ham are still loyal to Allie despite the lies being spread about her.

As Allie pointed out early into The Society, most people would not want to farm even if it’s necessary. Now that Grizz has found land where they can farm their own food, there’s a glimmer of hope for New Ham to survive after the winter. Yet, it’s unlikely that Campbell or the others will even be willing to do that kind of work when they can just steal food from the grocery stores or cafeteria.

With this in mind, it would make sense for Kelly and Grizz to lead a group of people out into the forest to live there. Many have expressed discontent at the idea of living in a town where Campbell or Lexie is in charge. Like Lord of the Flies, a boundary can be drawn and the town could be split in half.

How exactly will splitting up help the story? Well, it would showcase that the “me first” nature that Harry has been preaching isn’t an effective way to run the town. In a society with nothing, everyone is required to help out. Over time, the residents who follow the Campbell crew will realize they made the wrong decision as a different group thrives through equal work.

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It also seems to be the only way to actually get public opinion to change about Campbell. Everyone in town thinks he’s creepy and many know he’s a psychopath but they still choose to follow him. If no one will look at his actions and see how toxic they are, then maybe stone cold facts will.

Splitting up will allow The Society to really venture into some darker conflict as well. What happens when Campbell’s group begins to starve? Do they attack the new group? Do they steal? Do they join?  Not to mention, what will they do when the only two doctors in town (Kelly and Gordie) leave? We can imagine Harry and Lexie jumping ship eventually but the way the Guard is going seems to hint that they would rather take by force than actually work at all.

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The creators have talked about how this coup towards the end is supposed to mirror real-life politics and breaking up would do the same. As division grows, the idea of separating altogether becomes more appealing. Yet, this only works if both sides agree to respect the other. History has proven that if one country or a group of people thrives and others fall, then violence always ensues.

Do you want to see New Ham break up in a potential season 2 of The Society? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!