What Does True Detective Need to do to Hype Fans for Season Three?


True Detective is going to have to bring out all the stops to hype fans for season three after season two.

True Detective is in a sort of holding pattern right now. There have been plenty of hints that they’re moving forward with season three, but nothing official yet. HBO is supposedly expecting an answer from Nic Pizzolatto on how to proceed, and that leaves fans everywhere left waiting to see what happens.

Meanwhile, Fargo has stolen practically all of True Detective’s hype, and has already announced its renewal.

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Fargo’s renewal isn’t a direct problem for True Detective; there can exist two great dramas on television at a time. What could end up being a potential problem is when HBO does announce True Detective season three it lands dead in the water.

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Even though the ratings for season two were fairly high, True Detective season two wasn’t exactly loved. Not to mention the fact that Fargo offers a similar anthology format and handles it a bit better.

For one thing, season three is going to have to stick with an A-list cast. After two years of casting movie stars in lead roles, there’s no going back now. Besides casting, it would do well for HBO to open up True Detective a little bit. This is something that we’ve talked about before, and is actually something that True Detective has gotten a little better with.

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HBO will have to approach True Detective season three almost like a new show. Season two didn’t have the huge billboards like season one did, but maybe it’s time to go back to that. In the past it felt like HBO never really appreciated or accepted the fan excitement for True Detective. Now is their chance to fix that and come out swinging.