This Week in True Detective: Awards Show Edition


This Week in True Detective brings the best of True Detective news from the past week.

There may not be any news about True Detective season three, but this past week was all about awards show. Both The Golden Globes and the SAG Awards announced their nominations, and, well, the outcome wasn’t great for True Detective. Worst of lists are also starting to come up, and you can guess which show is making the rounds anew.

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To kick things off, we took a look at the possibility of Nic Pizzolatto potentially having multiple shows on HBO at once and what that could mean for True Detective. Would he be willing to give up some control on True Detective? We also wondered why there were no celebrity spoofs of season two like there were of season one. Quite the missed opportunity.

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As previously mentioned, True Detective season two is showing up on worst of 2015 lists. While not surprising, it is a little disappointing that the hate is starting to sprout up again. While True Detective is making those lists, it won’t be making it to either the SAG’s or The Golden Globes next year. Rough stuff. At least People magazine thinks one thing about season two was award worthy.

Now would be the time for HBO to actually go ahead and speak up about True Detective season three. Several months of no news is beginning to become a tad frustrating for fans. Finally, we took a look at why True Detective is treated differently from other shows. Why does one relatively bad season throw off the entire series?

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