People Goes to Bat for Lera Lynn After Award Snub


People has come out in support of Lera Lynn in the wake of True Detective’s epic award snub.

When the nominations came in for the SAG and Golden Globe Awards, it wasn’t exactly surprising that True Detective wasn’t on the list. The bad parts of the show have totally overshadowed the good in critics’ minds, and so it is destined to be forever snubbed. That’s just how these things work. But hey, at least True Detective was mentioned at the Emmy’s.

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There are, however, still those out there that would raise the voice in support of True Detective. Or at least in support of a very specific part of season two. People have, bravely, decried Lera Lynn’s lack of award nominations. Admittedly the article does get its jabs at True Detective in, and the tone is not the most serious. Still, it’s something.

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After suggesting that Lera Lynn should “win all the acting awards” and “maybe invent a few,” People go on to mention Lynn as a bright spot in the season. Fans and critics have been divided on Lera Lynn since she first appeared, but our own poll eventually showed that most were down with what she was selling.

Out of all the other aspects of True Detective season two that could ever be considered award worthy, Lera Lynn may not be the most obvious choice. She was, however, an important part of the show and soundtracked some of the best scenes in the season.

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Does Lera Lynn deserve an award? Some would likely say she does just from being on the show in the first place and coming out the other side relatively unscathed