Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About Kelly Reilly?


Kelly Reilly played a not insignificant role in True Detective season two, but she never comes up in the conversation.

It’s been made clear by now that many people aren’t comfortable talking about True Detective season two unless it’s to say something negative. Besides a wonderful illustration celebrating the pop-culture of 2015 that we saw recently, season two of True Detective is never mentioned in either a positive or neutral light.

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That’s especially true now that various outlets are putting together their best and worst of the year lists. Whenever someone does mention True Detective, however, usually only Vince Vaughn or Colin Farrell are mentioned. Sometimes Rachel McAdams. The one actor that practically never comes up is Kelly Reilly, who played Jordan Semyon — Frank’s wife.

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Kelly Reilly didn’t have an essential role in True Detective, and was barely given any room for her to grow. She did have a large part in the season finale, as she and Ani Bezzerides care for Bezzerides’ child while on the run.

Still, she did feature in a fair number of scenes with Vince Vaughn, and didn’t do a poor job with the material she was given. Perhaps she wasn’t given the most screen time, or that she barely effected the plot as whole, but she’s practically been erased from the True Detective conversation. Not that any of the actors in general have been jumping at the chance to talk about their time on the show.

The one way to twist this to make into a potentially good thing is that her performance was possibly just less egregious than that of Farrell’s or Vaughn’s. If one were to speak from a critic’s point of view, that is.

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At lease people have been talking about her in the Broadway show, Old Times, which is an excellent production and makes better use of her talents.