True Detective Makes NPR’s 2014 Best-of List


True Detective continues to worm its way into plenty of critics’ year-end lists. After making it on Variety’s and The Guardian’s lists, True Detective has scored another accolade from NPR.

Like many, NPR’s Eric Deggans has come to the conclusion that TV has been really good lately:

"“The fact is, there’s so much good TV on the air and online that you can make at least a half dozen different Top Ten lists, depending on where your attention and enthusiasms lie.”"

That’s a statement that we definitely agree with. 

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True Detective makes it to the number two spot, right behind Fargo. In fact, Deggans points out that True Detective would have held that spot if it weren’t for “the rushed ending.”

This is another point that we’ve agreed with in the past.

Right behind True Detective is Amazon’s recent hit, Transparent. NPR’s list bucks the trend of listing drama knockouts like House of Cards and Game of Thrones by instead going for Last Week Tonight and Foo Fighter’s HBO series, Sonic Highways.

Not unlike Breaking Bad’s farewell round, True Detective is again moving into the spotlight as the year ends and we move closer and closer to the 2015 awards. We’re hoping that this momentum leads to some wins, and at the very least we’ve deemed True Detective’s chances at the SAG awards to be fairly high.

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