This Week in True Detective: The Eve of the Finale Edition


This Week in True Detective is a feature that aims to bring you the best True Detective happenings of the week. This could include breaking news, popular articles, or anything else that people found interesting or may have missed.

Does it seem crazy to anyone else that True Detective season two is about to air its last episode? It sure seems crazy to us. This week was all about preparing for the end. There’s a lot of ground that True Detective has to cover in a single episode? Can it do it? That’s a question that will be answered at another time.

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Once again let’s start thing off with our review of last Sunday’s episode, “Black Maps and Motel Rooms.” That episode did a lot to shake up True Detective and some of the fat was cut. Though it didn’t do all that much to bring us closer to an actual conclusion and the preview for the finale doesn’t give us any hints in that direction either.

Speaking of that episode, Taylor Kitsch had a few things to say about it in a recent interview. We’re not sure we can really help you if you’re not caught up by this point, but consider that interview one big spoiler. There was also a career-spanning interview with Rick Springfield that is bereft of spoilers in case you want to know how he ended up as Dr. Pitlor. Last Sunday didn’t do much for True Detective’ratings, unfortunately, which have continued to fall. They’re still altogether higher than season one.

We wondered whether or not Lera Lynn would be returning to True Detective for the finale after a two episode absence. We also explored the world of True Detective’s idea of masculinity by looking at both seasons.

In what became a sort of theme of the week, Seth Meyers poked fun at True Detective’s dialogue, as did a fan on the street by blurting out random lines of dialogue at confused strangers. Finally, we have a new poll to attempt to find out how confusing fans actually think True Detective is. The poll is up until after the finale, so please take a moment to cast your vote.

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