This Week in True Detective: Season Three in 2017 Edition


This Week in True Detective brings the best of True Detective news from the past week.

This past week was as much about Fargo as it was about True Detective. The critically adored Fargo won’t be back next year, and its showrunner Noah Hawley proved himself to be the opposite of Nic Pizzolatto. Quentin Tarantino also appeared once more, but this time he didn’t have anything to say about True Detective directly. Let’s get to it.

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Noah Hawley, the man behind Fargo, allowed Entertainment Weekly to follow the production of season two for two days. That’s something that Nic Pizzolatto would unfortunately never allow for True Detective.  Variety talked to the producers of True Detective, Anonymous Content, about their content strategy and what the future holds.

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True Detective finally got fair representation in the pop culture sphere of 2015 in an excellent illustration. It’s a sad state of affairs when we’re forced to be happy about True Detective just being represented in a neutral light. As previously mentioned, Quentin Tarantino entered the True Detective sphere again, but not exactly directly. In a recent interview he talked of his forbidden love of romantic comedies, specifically one starring Matthew McConaughey.

We took a look at what happened with all the True Detective season three rumors. There were a few that popped up right after season two ended, but nothing since then. Is it due to a lack of excitement? In that same vein, what happened to Kelly Reilly? Whenever True Detective comes up, Kelly Reilly never enters the conversation.

Finally, Fargo announced that it won’t be back until 2017, and True Detective season three isn’t in production yet. That could mean that the two could air in 2017, potentially at the same time. 

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