Reminder: True Detective Season Two Releases on Blu-Ray in Less Than 10 Days


The True Detective season two Blu-Ray release is getting close. Have you pre-ordered it?

The second season of True Detective has been the laughing-stock of 2015 shows so far. It may not be surprising, but it is a little disheartening. Thankfully there was a least one outlet that stood up for season two, but that has been far from the norm. For those that gave up on season two early on or have been wanting to give it a re-watch outside of HBO GO, the home release is just around the corner.

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We previously detailed what could be expected forms the DVD/Blu-Ray release of True Detective season two, but since it comes out on January 5th, now is as good a time as any to go over it again. We know that the set will include a mini-documentary on the infamous shootout that went horribly awry, and it is also expected to include the short interviews that HBO posted after select episodes.

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Amazon finally went ahead at dropped the price from the MSRP of $79.98 for the Blu-Ray version to $54.99, but that’s still a tad steep. It is especially so when compared to the current $39.99 pre-order price for the fifth season of Game of Thrones, and Amazon doesn’t even have a confirmed release date for that.

For those that have gone ahead and already pre-ordered True Detective season two, hopefully the price will continue to drop before it comes out or in the next few days following release. It’s usual for a HBO series to release at such an expensive price, so there must be some kinks that have yet to be ironed out.

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January will be the perfect time to give season two a re-watch. This goes double for those that jumped on a particular bandwagon.