Tell Me A Story season 1 review: Not your classic fairytale story


If you’re looking for a happily ever after type of fairytale — Tell Me A Story is not it.

Tell Me A Story is the type of series you think you won’t watch, but once you do, you can’t stop. The first season aired on CBS All Access, and it did so well that it’s been renewed for a season 2!

That’s how interesting it was, guys! It has an all-star cast inclusive of The Vampire Diaries‘ Paul Wesley, Goliath’s James Wolk, Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall and Into The Woods’ Billy Magnussen. There’s way more to add to that list, and they’re equally amazing, trust us.

If you’re a big fan of children’s stories such as The Little Red Riding HoodThe Three Little Pigs, and Hansel and Gretel, then you’ll love Tell Me A Story. Basically, it is a modern-day dark take on these stories set to the backdrop of New York City. Metaphorically speaking, each character represents some elements of these stories be it the characters, their story arc, or simply what they represent.

It’s a certainly a different type of series, and it’s slow to start. However, by the time you reach the final few episodes, the drama and action pick up. It’s easy to become invested in what is going on especially when you start to connect the parallel between the children’s stories.

You better believe there is a character that sports a red cape of some sort (Danielle Campbell’s Kayla). There’s even a couple of characters that are similar to the Big Bad Wolf, aka Magnussen’s Nick.

Credit: Patrick Harbron/CBS

The aspect of Tell Me A Story that really gets you is how all the storylines converge by the end. It’s actually quite genius and clever and honestly, unexpectedly good. For a moment you are skeptical about how they will pull it off, but they do–and successfully! It’s hard to pinpoint what about all of the stories and references to characters is so fun to watch, but it simply is.

The Hansel and Gretel part of the series comes with the characters Hannah (Dania Ramirez) and Gabe (Davi Santos). They’re siblings who have to face many unfortunate situations all orchestrated by a witch of some sorts. Ramirez does an incredible job and it’s impressive to see her take on the badass role after her stint as Cinderella on the final season of Once Upon A Time.

Okay, now let’s talk about Wesley’s character. He plays a character named Eddie, and let’s just say if you weren’t attracted to him already, this role will certainly do the trick. A stark difference from the brooding character of Stefan on The Vampire Diaries, his role of Eddie ties in with the Three Little Pigs storyline. Of the three, I think this was my favorite.

There is a depth to this story unlike the others and Wolk’s performance as Jordan is the cherry on top. Without giving too much away, this aspect of the series follows a bank robbery gone wrong and connects Wolk’s and Wesley’s characters together. It’s all very riveting and reveals a deeper message surrounding revenge, love, and anger.

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Tell Me A Story will keep you entertained, and despite its random cheesiness and off-kilter tangents, it’s addicting to watch. Each cast member brings something different to the story, and some will downright frighten you (Magnussen’s character gives me the creeps!).

It’s the perfect series to watch if you’re looking for a suspenseful thriller. And while it may not be the best series of the year, it’s certainly an entertaining watch.

Check back with us for updates on the upcoming second season of Tell Me A Story!